Moominvalley - CD

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Moominvalley - CD

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The official soundtrack to the forthcoming Moominvalley TV series - broadcast on Sky from April 19th. Including tracks from Tom Odell, Alma, MØ, First Aid Kit and more.

Release Date: 19th April 2019

  1. 'Theme Song (I’m Far Away)' Performed by 
  2. 'Starlight' Performed by Alma
  3. 'Summer Day' Performed by Tom Odell
  4. 'Back to The Cave' Performed by Colonel Suns
  5. 'Love Me With All Your Heart' Performed by Delilah Montague
  6. 'Home Again' Performed by First Aid Kit
  7. 'There Is Something In The Forest' Performed by Emiliana Torrini and the Colorist Orchestra
  8. 'Home' Performed by Josef Salvat
  9. 'All Small Beasts Should Have Bows In Their Tails' Performed by Ellinoora
  10. 'Free Spirit' Performed by Josef Salvat
  11. 'Country Air' Performed by Soak
  12. 'By Your Side' Performed by Mellah
  13. 'In Blue' Performed by Declan McKenna
  14. 'Northern Lights' Performed by 
  15. 'Ready Now' Performed by Dodie
  16. 'The Author' Performed by Roosberg

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© Moomin Characters 2019

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